Welcome to Olympic Peninsula Equine Network (OPEN)

Horse Mountain Smaller

We are all glad that you stopped by our website! Our hope is we are able to inspire every visitor to this site with positive updates on our courageous equine friends. In addition, we hope that inspiration will in turn compel you to ask yourself what can you offer to help them along? Your assistance can come in many forms and is in no way limited to the depth of your equine experiences or bank account.  If you can push a broom, dig with a shovel, swing a hammer or drag a bale of hay to be stacked all you need is time. If time is something that you always find you’re short of, small or large donations are also a great way to help us pay for feed, Farrier work (trims, etc), dewormer, shots and Veterinarian visits! Your generous support can even help us keep our facilities safe and well maintained. Even a simple monthly allotment of even $10 times many supporters can go a long way!

Frost w Shelby
Frost is showing Shelby all of her great potential as she struts around for everyone’s viewing pleasure at a recent OPEN tack sale fund raiser!