Dancing for Horses at Foxbell Ranch



You don’t often get a chance to have a ton of fun in a gorgeous  setting and help a  worthy cause, all at one time. But that’s exactly what you can do on Saturday, June 30, from 5:30 to 10:30 PM by going to the old-fashioned barn dance sponsored by the Olympic Peninsula Equine Network (OPEN). 

  • The good: Help fund OPEN’s horse rescue rehabilitation and adoption program, a non-profit organization that has been serving the Peninsula for 12 years. 
  • The fun: Dancing to the music of Buck Ellard Band, food, beer & wine, plus a silent auction--all for just $55 a person.  
  • The setting: The band new Foxbell Weddings and Event venue at 137 N. Barr Rd., Agnew. 

This event is the grand opening for Foxbell Farm. The article and pictures below put you among the first to learn what a special place this is.   

A Beautiful Place for People & Animals

Martha Vaughan sitting in a surrey with fringe on top

     Foxbell Weddings is more than a place for a beautiful event or celebration. Outside its white fences, manicured lawns, and stately barn is an animal rescue refuge that is the lifetime commitment of Martha Vaughan (pictured at left) and her daughter Shelby.

     It all goes back to a dog named Fox and a quarter horse mare named Lulu Bell. 

     Martha says she was born with a drive to take care of animals—llamas, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, any creature in need of help. 

     “My mother supported this crazy behavior and let me keep the animals I brought home,” Martha said. “Rescuing animals is just something that is natural to me and something I have been doing for a long time.”

     Fox was a mixed-breed Chow who had less than 24 hours to live when Martha rescued him from a county animal shelter. “Fox was a wonderful, loving dog,” Martha said. “He opened our eyes to how many dogs there are like Fox, so we have been rescuing dogs ever since.” 

     Lulu Bell had become a burden to her owner and was no longer wanted. She was up for grabs. Martha had never owned a horse and admits she knew next to nothing about them. None of that mattered when she saw Lulu bell. “I loved that horse and she loved me the moment we met,” Martha said. “She was the beginning of our horse rescue efforts.” 

     For the next 11 years, Lulu Bell lived a privileged life. When the family went for a walk Lulu Bell went, too. At meal times, Lulu Bell would come to the house and  poke her head in the patio door to see what Martha was cooking. If the family ate outdoors, Lulu Bell was included. If the family had cherry pie for dessert so did Lulu Bell.

     Foxbell Weddings has been in the making for nearly four years, and Martha intends for it to be a place for people who want a special event and a place where animals, especially dogs and horses, can live a life like Fox and Lulu Bell. 


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