Launching Our 12th Year Helping Horses & Humans

First Clinic Shows Off Our New Tack Store & Office

2018 OFF TO A GOOD START_______________________________________


We held our first vet and farrier clinic of the year in early April, and also opened to the public for the first time our new tack store and office, named Western Treasures.  

We offer a series of clinics every year in the conviction that we must do more than find new homes for abandoned horses. In our 11 years doing this work, we have found that helping a horse owner through a rough financial time can sometimes make it possible for a horse to remain with its owner, rather than being given up for adoption.  Sometimes something as small as some horse feed can make that difference. And we offer our clinics to help owners purchase health care at reduced costs.

Doctor Bo Weeks and Farrier Joe Marceau were on hand this year to treat specific ailments and offier advice on a wide range of horse-health issues. You can see them at work in the photos below.


Western Treasures has been on our wish-list for many months, and we finally were able to make that dream a reality this spring.  We are going to have our official grand opening ceremony with the Sequim Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce  at noon on May 9th. 

You can see some of our treasures in the picture below. 



In addition to dancing to lilve music, there will be great food, a live auction, and a DJ master of ceremonies.  

This will be OPEN's main fundraiser this year for our equine rescue operation, and we plan to make it one of the best barn dances held in this area in recent memory.

Martha and Shelby Vaughn  are offering their barn at 137 N Barr Rd. to us free of charge.  The name of their facility is Foxbell Weddings and Celebrations.  

Our event will mark the grand opening of their business.  We  greatly appreciate the opportunity to use  their barn and to be the first client for their new business.

The Buck Ellard Band will provide the music and the dance will begin at 5:30 pm.

To volunteer for this event or to sponsor a company table, please contact OPEN event coordinator, Mike Vaillancourt at 714-222-0755


The People Who Made Our Day

Dr Bo Weeks

Dr. Weeks  helped our clinic visitors with everything from shots to dental work.

He owns the RockyBay Equince Vertinary Services in Gig Harbor, where he offers "compassionate health care throughtout the life of your animal."  His special interests are reproduction, dentistry and general equine health."  

His contact information: ph 253-858-4529.  Mailing: PO Box 452, Vaughn, WA 98394

A Trip to the Dentist

Dr. Weeks is floating this horse's teeth, which is a treatment to smooth off sharp edges on the teeth that develop from uneven wear.  It's a painless procedure and one that draws a lot of spectator interest.

Oldtimers Used to say, "No foot, no horse"

Joe Marceau, owner of W.M. Brand Farrier Service, was our farrier for the day, and he made sure the horses  left our clinic with good feet.   

His services include natural hoof balancing, barefoot trims, corrective and basic shoeing.  He serves Kitsap, Mason & Jefferson Counties.  Contact him at 360-620-7954 or

Western Treasures


Our Western Treasures store is a small building, but it is a very big step forward for us. 

Over the years we have collected a trove of horse equipment, western décor items, jewelry and clothing. Our first concern in developing our rescue property was the needs of the horses.


Our treasures had to wait their turn. We kept them protected from the weather covered with tarps and in boxes in portable shelters. Every time we had a tack sale we had to unpack the gear and  set up an outdoor market. After a sale, everything had to be repacked and put away until the next sale.  Now with our new building, our inventory is on display all the time. 

All the treasures are for sale by donation and contribute in a big way to the care and rehabilitation of the horses that come into a program.


The next time you visit take a look at our goods. You may find a treasure or two you can’t live without. 

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